Why Chris Ostler?

For a multitude of reasons….

You will hear and see an amazingly creative, neurodivergent, original artist…

who has this intuitive ability to connect through his music and performance with audiences of any size or age…

who wants to make a difference to the well-being of others through his music.

Chris Ostler is an innovative Singer-Songwriter motivated by his observations of life, people and emotions. His voice is both powerful and haunting, and his ability to enthral an audience is both locally renowned and developing further afield. The way Chris writes is shaped by his visual imagination and particularly by a connection to colour; both of which are reinforced by his strong emotional and relational connection with beautiful melodic sounds. The talented way he plays his acoustic electric guitar and stomp box, it is as if he is connected to them and the instruments can feel and transmit this energy as he performs.

When Chris is playing with his full band, it is a truly vibrant experience giving a positive energy that radiates even further. From slow swaying to toe tapping, right through to full out moves like the ‘Oscillator’ Chris’ musicality penetrates the soul.

We truly believe he is set for wonderful things.

Strong voice, lovely performance!” – Joan Armatrading

Chris is a singer I have admired for many years. One of the best” – Trevor Lock – Editor of ‘Music in Leicester’ magazine

Chris has a real love of the craft.” Olivier Behzadi - Director & Head of Production at Level 8, (Former Head of A&R at Sony Music).

I’m honoured to have Chris Ostler as my support act. Not only is he a fine singer and songwriter, he also whistles in the most tuneful and melodious manner and is a lovely fellow to boot!” Sarah McQuaid, International Folk Performer.

Chris Ostler 1 Year

So how did this all start?

Born and raised in Devon, from a young age, Chris was interacting with the world through rhythm and melody, even before birth, Chris was responding to music in the utero, as his parents reported playing music and feeling Chris kicking on the beat in response.

As a child, Chris found the world frustrating; feeling alienated from his peers, Chris found communicating in words was tricky. He felt increasingly lost. One day at school, he was tapping his pencil on the table to deliberately annoy the teacher, who realised he was tapping in time to something, something he didn't recognise, but that held his attention. His musically literate parents identified this as a talent and got him drumming lessons. This cemented Chris' natural rhythm with a more structured understanding of the music that had always flowed through him and more importantly, it gave voice to his frustrations.

Chris soon found that communicating was, rather than something that held him back, actually his greatest strength and he began writing the music that he has come to be loved for. His neurodivergence acting as a conduit for connections and relationships.

Chris has the eagerness and excitement to compose and perform in a variety of styles, as well as play covers in his own rocky manner and he is in his element both as a solo artist but also when performing with a band.

So what has Chris done so far?

Chris has had the pleasure of opening for several well-known acts including Joan Armatrading, Martin Barre, The 3 Daft Monkeys, the Leylines, Adam Isaac, Yes Sir Boss, Sarah McQuaid and many others. His UK achievements continue with plays on the BBC radio and a range of independent stations. Chris is now starting to get international notice with his latest releases getting airplay in Sweden, America and Germany.

Chris has enrolled some talented session musicians to complete a 6- piece line-up that adds an amazing new dimension to his performances. With all the parts and musical arrangements written by Chris, he layers his songs with a skill of a talented craftsman honing the sounds to perfection. The line up usually consists of Lead & Second Electric Guitars, Keys, Bass, Drums as well as Chris on his acoustic electric.

Chris’s work so far is completely self-financed, self-produced and independently released, His first EP, ‘Show me The world’, was followed by his first album CO1.   Both have a full band sound with tracks that are a mix of powerful, pop rock music with hints of country and folk thrown in between.

His more recent works and their release were severely hampered by Lockdown where only weeks before, Chris had given up his teaching ‘day job’ to focus solely on music.  Despite this huge setback of nowhere to perform and no income, Chris managed to host some live performances from his spare room that became a miniature studio. Taking this in his stride, he released ‘Cozy corner’.

Resurging in, 2022/23, these have been very heavy performing schedules, but  Chris’ has absolutely enjoyed playing at every venue he has come across. Chris’ has enjoyed playing at every venue he has come across, and the live audience is his home whether it’s a huge crowd, in stadiums, for example, Exeter Chiefs Rugby with over 8,000, to the smaller stages in pubs and clubs as a feature artist. He has played live in many festivals including Oceanfest, Oysterfest, Lakefest, and Glastonbudget as well as the Sidmouth and Cornwall Folk festivals.

What does Chris say about his family and his music?

“I was raised by my parents and stepparents; all different, adventurous and individually unique in many ways; but fortunately, my birth parents both played music. My Mother was always singing and taught basic guitar chords at her primary school on top of being a Headteacher, but she would always try to sing to me every night before bed (the great family rituals!). My Father used to play bass guitar in a couple of original bands back up in the midlands, but after developing an interest in computing, his professional work led him down this path, although music was always in his life.

My brother, however, was very similar to me both physically and mentally. We both loved sport, played many competitive team games and events for our school, colleges and universities but we especially loved baseball- even got to play for Great Britain U19s! We both had a serious love of creating music and we used to try to play every band instrument! We both learnt to play drums, picked up on how to play guitar or bass to a standard that allowed us to not only be able to jam together and with our school mates. We had to all squash in the spare room to rehearse- wow, man that was fun!

I was only informed a couple of years ago that before I was born, and Dad was driving the car, Mum could feel me kicking when the radio was on. How to process that still hasn't quite sunk in, but I like to savour the unique feeling for as long as possible.

Having parent's that enjoyed and played music helped massively for both them and me. I was certainly difficult child to deal with if especially if you were a parent or teacher, but I then developed the understanding of using music as a cathartic release both physically and mentally. The main activity when I discovered this was when I was singing in the shower! And to this day I still think the acoustics in the shower when singing is amazing!

I studied music at Exeter College with my A levels and then went on to De Montfort University to gain a BA Hons first class in Music technology and performance. It was here I really started getting into the more technical world of music recording and sound engineering and my learning has continued as things are constantly evolving.

I feel music is all about trying to express opinions, views, ideas and emotions freely, to share and connect with yourself and others. I believe that music can make us do more than what our body and minds realise. With the 'push' that music gives us, it makes us consider and play with our creative boundaries and evolve as thinking creatures who can do more than just listen to the music!

I truly hope that my music and performances can help make a difference to the lives of others: to help them see things from different perspectives, resonate with some of the emotions through the lyrics, melodies, and arrangements but, possibly most importantly, give them inspiration and confidence to be the person who they want to be.

Music can do so much to help and change things for the better ….”


So what’s new?

2023 has also been a year of release planning for Chris and is culminating in him dropping three singles over the Summer/Autumn  months, June, September and October,  with the second EP, CO2, planned for the  Winter of 2023 . All three singles have a different vibe and have interesting music videos to accompany them that see things from a different perspective. ‘Funk In The Trunk’ a lively energetic number, ‘The Sun & The Moon’ a love ballad of two celestial bodies, and ‘Anxious Boy’ , that sends a powerful message to all on World Mental Health Day. Not to give too many spoilers away, we see a funky robot dancing, a romantic campfire with dramatic backdrops, to a boy inside a television set!

Finding his music

Chris’s early EPs, and albums are physically available and also online, as will be his second EP, CO2.  His singles can be downloaded from most online outlets including: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Deezer, Apple, Google, YouTube and Microsoft.

Finding his Performances

If you want to know where he is playing, check out his website which is updated weekly, his Socials, especially Facebook  and BandCamp.

Finding his Merch…

Chris has got a great range of items including Hoodies, Tees and Totes in different styles and sizes of merch. These are available at his gigs and should be online soon.

CO Guitar
Oscillator Small