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Often playing a live stream on Facebook, click here.

As you can understand there are currently no venues with gigs. I am however available on a number of streaming options. Contact me if you are interested.

It's always fun listening to music from you're car radio to something on those wireless Bluetooth headsets, but I still believe in putting on a Great Live Show for everyone to see as well as hear!

With me and my band to solo acoustic, I am currently expanding out to playing and performing other areas both in, around and outside of the South West of the UK.

If you would like to see me play somewhere closer to you, or wish to make an enquiry for a booking, please get in touch!

Weird and Wonderful



Cozy Corner

Released 10th April 2020

First of three singles being released this year at the usual online stores including:




New Singles

More coming soon

CO1 Album

After at least 18 months work, 9 tracks emerge with the New Single 'Lamplights' and many other classic songs including 'First Signs', 'Jam Jar Label' and also a re-recorded version of the first EP single 'Show Me The World'.




Chris Ostler 1st EP-Show Me The World!

Chris Ostler's first EP with the single 'Show Me The World' and 4 other awesome original tracks.

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