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This is about us as although a solo artist I also have a band and various other musicians to join in.

So yes, this seems to be the biography part, but to be quite honest, it’s going to be a bit empty compared to that of so many bands before me. The big stars like Oasis, John Mayer and everyone else seem to have plenty of news articles in which thousands of editors, writers and even students ache at the opportunity to write for them. But I guess this is also a much cheaper option when I was nearly twenty-one, going into my third year of university and still believing that I could be someone like them…. So here’s the short side my life so far….

Born in Exeter, Devon on the 19th September 1990 and living with my mother, father and older brother. I was always around Music, even before I was born. Listened to it whilst I was still unborn inside my mother, she felt me kicking when the radio was on! I was a mousey haired kid growing through the ages. I was always shouting in the backseat to the radio, not exactly knowing what the tune was but I could recognize the melody by ear. As I grew up to eight years old, I chose to start learning drums, which I grasped with much enthusiasm, bashing into new patterns! I had drum lessons aided by parents and stepdad, had about four different styled teachers so learned all about rhythm, percussion and new tricks when I'm making my own music as a band style, not just acoustic. I started to learn guitar at twelve years old where I took my skills of singing, basic guitar and drums to my school composing new song material. My dad played bass so he taught me a couple of chords on the guitar, my brother helped me out too seeing as he played, as well and watched other people use chords in their songs. Learnt bass from my dad, have a basic understanding whilst playing it with a Thick Plectrum/Fingerwalk, but would not say my strongest instrument.

After leaving school with much support from friends and family, I joined Exeter College and did a Btech in Music Practice playing with many other talented musicians and singers. Learnt to sing mainly in the shower, then had a year worth of lessons once a week in Exeter College to extend my voice to the diaphragm. The collaborated bands performed popular covers from jazz, blues, rhythm ‘n’ blues to modern rock, pop rock, punk rock and rock and roll! That was also the time I had my first constructive lessons in singing, which has helped me a lot over the years.
So now I'm at De Montfort University Studying Music and as I'm not in a band, I use software to create my music demos until the time I hope I can then have professional session musicians play my written music.

So for now, its guitar and voice, and lets turn over a stone or two in this music business! Since then, I have composed a number of songs whilst making up parts for the other instruments to play. I have also played twice at Glastonbudget Festival, on Demon FM, and many open mic nights in the great city of Leicester, Sub 91, Lock 42, The Polar Bear, TurkeyCafe, Muffin Break, The Shed, The Hub, Chilli White's Nightclub, The Looking Glass, NatterJacks, Sounhouse, The Musician and Many Many Others!

I listen to my music through good and hard times and it has helped me to try to touch both a new sound and feeling. I want to try and get people to think about what they can do; even if it’s a small step to getting there, so that they realize they have the potential. I hope that they can grasp a hold of that potential and make it their dream, as I am still hoping that I’ve grasped mine…

(Chris Ostler - 2012)